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    Men Only, or Welcome to Bali Time Chamber


    Job, responsibilities, duties, household chores – routines days seem so overwhelming nowadays that life itself is rarely noticed. Having some time off helps to get rid of daily burdens and finally the vibe of the world and just enjoy our lifetime. 

    We are all used to the idea that Bali is a heaven-like place on Earth, which welcomes couples, friends, families, and those looking for a place of solitude. However, Bali has developed another gem for a visit – Bali Time Chamber, a place exclusively for men, with an atmosphere of brotherhood and support, with a time for oneself and the ability to communicate with like-minded people. 

    What’s more to discover at Bali Time Chamber? Let’s explore together. 

    What Is Bali Time Chamber?

    Bali Time Chamber is a one-of-a-kind place, a unique environment created only for men, which lets them recharge their energy tanks, reframe their mindset, and rediscover their true potential. The Time Chamber is located on a secluded mountain that can only be reached by a narrow path. Although Bali is quite an active place and environment, the Time Chamber is protected from all the noises and bustle, letting everything unload their mind and feel the present moment. 

    What Are the Bali Time Chamber Offers?

    Bali Time Chamber aims to elevate the physical and spiritual health of every visitor and help them rediscover the joy of life. It offers:

    1.Fully equipped gym

    Body care starts with a decent level of strength and cardio trainingі. The gyms are equipped with the newest and state-of-the-art machines to target and strengthen all the muscle groups. Those who are into cardio will benefit from the trails surrounded by the pristine beauty of nature. A simple run or jog will turn into a breathtaking run-tour, and let everyone get acquainted with the miraculous surroundings of the island. 

     2. Exquisite food

    Food is one of the major pleasures and a basic need for everyone. When in Bali Time Chamber, every participant is offered masterfully cooked exquisite dishes, which will uncover the world of tastes. Everything is prepared from the local products considering only the best recipes. 

    All the meals are served in the restaurant with top-notch quality of service. Apart from the delightful food and eye-pleasing environment of the restaurant, the meals also elevate the spirit of community, as there are a lot of topics for discussion and experience exchange. 

     3. Networking

    Bali Time Chamber allows one to meet like-minded and successful people, which benefits the vision of the future and one’s performance. While sharing meals, training in the gem or simply wandering around, there is always a chance to start a talk, which will enrich the world’s and business perception. 

    Apart from three major options, all the participants can benefit from stunning nature, massages, chores-less days, high-speed Internet, free amenities, etc. 

    What Is the Cost of Bali Time Chamber Experiences?

    A one-week stay in a single room will cost 1290 euros; a 28-day stay will require 4290 euros. The cost of the flight isn’t included. For all the supporting information check the TravelWise guide. 

    Every person has limits of physical and spiritual endurance. If you feel that you are getting closer to the no-return point, cancel the meeting, book a flight, and dive into the richness of your life, joining the brotherhood at Bali Time Chamber. 

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