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    Shoes for Autumn-Winter: Anti-trends and Trends


    Shoes are such an element of the wardrobe that we wear for more than one season. Therefore, my list in this article has everything: anti-trends, base and trends.

    Well, if the weather on the street has already completely deteriorated and even in a beautiful outfit you don’t want to go anywhere, then you can relax at home playing gates of Olympus free spins.

    Which Shoes Are Popular This Season?

    In addition to universal chelsea and lace-up shoes, more interesting and bold shoe models are relevant in the current autumn-winter season. Moonwalkers and boots, fur boots and boots are returning to fashion.Shoes with a square toe have become the leaders — it remains the most fashionable and trending. Round is also found, but more often in models of rough platform ankle boots, boots and shoes with low soles, for example, in brogues and loafers. Pointed shoes in the form of elegant heeled boots are no less relevant. Long boots-stockings on a high platform are also in demand.


    Shoes in a sporty style are always comfortable, and in the current fashionable realities it is also stylish. Insulated sneakers will appeal to casual lovers. The basic model of sneakers will look good with trousers / pants / jeans and with something more classic, for example, with a coat.Avoid rhinestones, beads, bright colors, extremely high soles and strange shapes. Such models are outdated for a long time!


    The immortal classic in the world of autumn shoes is Chelsea. They really have proven themselves well and have not lost their relevance for several years. Chelsea looks boring, while easily combined in different images, the main thing is to choose the right color.

    The win-win option is black, it’s not worth explaining here, I think everything is clear. But if you are pretty tired of black, take a closer look at these shades:


    • Brown
    • Beige
    • Gray
    • Hacks
    • Dark blue
    • Do not forget about the texture of the fabric!


    It is worth putting aside shoes made of suede and other non-water-repellent fabric.Focus on leather, eco leather or patent leather models.

    Shoes “with a toe”

    However, on the shelves now there are unusual models in which two materials are crossed. You should not immediately abandon such options.

    The main thing is to pay attention to the lower part and the sole were of high quality. As a rule, everything above the ankle is not soiled, so there can be any fabric there.Shoes of an unusual style can serve as a stylish and noticeable detail in the image, so take it into service.


    At first glance, the heel on autumn shoes seems to be something stupid and ridiculous. However, there are many fresh models that you may like.Now a massive wide heel is relevant, it not only looks spectacular, but also allows the foot to feel comfortable. The length of the heel can be different, it all depends on your preferences.


    Another popular model in 2023 is boots. These are boots above the knee, which are pleasant to wear with trousers and dresses, they are versatile.Boots are very different: with a heel, without a heel, suede, leather, extra long or slightly shorter. Everyone will be able to choose an option for themselves.They are difficult to attribute to shoes from the category for every day, but they will fit perfectly for a spectacular evening look!

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