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    Wanna be a master cook? We smell these cafe games for you!


    Cooking is fun, like super fun. We’re not hoaxing you! You gotta get these games checked out for you. These games perfectly define cooking as fun, as even the challenges will make you smile from ear to ear. Look, you’re already smiling! Become a master chef and hire the top cooks. Appease the great hunger of so many foodies by bringing out your inner chef with cooking games.

    Star Chef makes you a culinary master!

    This is the cooking game that makes you fall in love with cooking, so much so that you’ll pick up bread and start making something good out of it. Star Chef is chosen by us because you’ll get to pick up curated food from different islands and make them in the kitchen.

    In this game, you’ll be taking orders from foodies, and making some lip-smacking food. From barbecue to roasted turkey, you have everything in this game for your customers. You don’t need to have exceptional talent in cooking for this game, because this entire game is designed such that you’ll have all skills ready to cultivate. A big W!

    Game features

    • Grow some good veggies in your backyard
    • Make some savory dish with cool ingredients
    • Explore the most advanced kitchen in the world by Star Chef
    • Build a restaurant from zero ground

    Got a coffee mania? Cooking Dash is for you

    Cooking Dash got 4.6 out of 5, which is exceptional for a game in the App Store. In this cafe game, you have to race and cook, something which is a challenge, but hey, it’s gonna make you an expert! There are a few things which we loved about this game, like people gasping when you’re making such exalted dishes (which of course you’ll make, pretty!).

    There are a total of hundreds of episodes that you’ll play, so no chance of getting bored. Every episode is designed differently, and each of them has something unique to watch out for. Did you know that you can also have pets in this game? There are also interactive chats within the game where you’ll directly chat with other users, so give us a fist bump!

    Game features

    • Completely reality TV show-based
    • Race against time being the top chef
    • Get everyday gold as well as pets as a bonus
    • You can play in multiplayer mode and get to interact with different international users
    • Rise to being the mega chef by honing your culinary skills

    We heard you burp! Restaurant Story got you!

    This game is dank, we’re telling you! Explore unlimited creativity with customized wallpapers, luscious meals, and connecting with different restaurants. The game allows you to invite so many friends from all around and entirely customize the meal combination.

    Every week the game changes, and so many new dishes get to your kitchen plate! You’ll find age-old players in this game, who have been playing on for so many years. You can even ask people to make new dishes and get awesome insider tips that no chefs will tell you about. On a side note, we’re dying for you to make these dishes though, omg!

    Game features

    • Complete freedom to customize your restaurant
    • Get to talk with global restaurant players
    • Get to enjoy the new weekly dishes
    • Connect with your Facebook account and play with friends

    Get your cooking skill pill for Cooking Fever

    This Cooking Fever is truly contagious, it’s so addictive! No cap, cause this game will not let you move around and busy your thumb on the screen. The best thing about this game is there are so many cuisines to explore, from Indian to Chinese. Why don’t you make some popcorn for the movie fans, or bake a pizza for the hungry newbie who has no chill? This game will help you build exceptional time management as well as cooking skills in no time.

    Game features

    • A great cupboard for so many foods – with just a food name!
    • 1000 addictive levels
    • Great for teaching real-life cooking skills
    • Cook and bake from a large number of nations

    Bustle amidst the corners of Stand O’Food!

    We know your customers want your mouth-watering dishes and are hangry! No more, because with Stand O’ Food, you get to make the best dishes most phenomenally. This game scored one of the best in cooking games. Play against the all-time evil Mr. Torg who wants to kill your cooking empire! Get to serve in so many different cafes, starting from lasagne to baking a deliciously hot chocolate cake.

    Game features

    • Has more than 741 quests to meet
    • Know 252 unique cooking recipes
    • Venture into 108 buildings to get top cuisines
    • Get immense profits and make creative neighborhoods

    Vasco Da Gama of food! Explore Cooking City!

    Remember that old explorer who hopped straight to check in with the islands? You got that right, the great Vasco da Gama! This cooking game just makes you a da Gama because you’re about to explore too many cities all around this world. Navigate through the exciting journey and get some addictive food items floating on your table! Get to make your cooking empire, and rush to score high on the leader board in this cooking game.

    Game features

    • Complete offline playing so no data wastage
    • 10+ cities to choose from (blinks an eye!)
    • Customise and make from 300 different dishes
    • Make super earnings during double sales


     So far, what do you think? Ready to start your cooking journey with these awesome games and make some tummies happy? We bet! These cafe games are the most popular among so many, so we have these opted for you. We can already smell your best dishes!

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