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    There are a lot of websites related to gaming. Not every website is trustworthy. Whenever somebody is playing a game on any of the website then it is an obvious thing that they will invest some money as well. Not everyone does that but most of them usually do that. So it should be crosschecked whether the website or the platform is trustworthy and safe. As it is a question of your hard earned money and some of your privacy. So the discussion in this article will be on It is associated with a gaming company and has a lot of questions raised by the people and also legally. So to know more about it an article is delivered below.


    This is a kind of domain which have nothing on it. People can say on an obvious note that this site is totally blanks and contains nothing on it. This domain was created in a very worst manner that it is good for nothing. That is why it is not in use right now and it is under maintenance. Just because of the quality and the service this domain provided to the people the questions were raised that is it a legal website or not. It is related to a gaming industry. It was founded on 16th August 2022. The day was Tuesday and the time was 01:58 pm. Though many questions were raised on its legalities but it was not found guilty by any of the blacklisted engine. After checking the HTTPS connection, it is found that the connection is valid. This domain passed that test even.

    Deep Details of

    Every domain needs to go through some tests so does this domain. So here are some scores what this domain scored. It got 24 out of 100 in how much is it close to the suspicious websites. In phishing it scored 4 out of 100. The spam core was 88 out of 100. It scored 88 out of 100 in Threat profile. Last but not the least it scored 43 out if 100 in Malware.

    The name of the founder of this domain is Proxy, LLC. The address of this domain is It belongs to Arizona. Arizona is located in United States of America. The postal code is 85284. The country code is US. The telephone number is 14806242599. It has the SSL certification. The registration date of WHOIS is 16th August 2022.(


    Scam Detection Test

    After it was tested by the scam detecting software’s it was found that this domain is not totally safe and there are not high risks but the risk ranged from low to medium. Now even a small risk in such kind of domains can be harmful as it can attack the privacy of the person who is using it. A lot of analysis told that this domain is harmful and nobody should use it. As it can scam you or you can also face some threats or some malwares which can harm your device and can also attack on your privacy. It is found that the founder of this domain is not letting their identity revealed on WHOIS. This site might offer services which is related to betting online gaming or you can say gambling. Now gambling and betting are running on a huge note.

    Still the famous websites and domain and applications are verified and trustable. There is nothing which you can trust in this website. As it scored a very unexpected number. Moreover, a domain can be used at some point when there are some unwanted factors available but this domain is a betting or a gambling domain which means there is nothing like which can be trustable. Because in betting the user needs to share the information of their bank accounts or from where they will invest money. Now if the data is not safe and secure then this domain should not be used. There is a possibility that they can just scam you and do not return your money or can leak or steal your private information.(

    Factors on which tested

    Suspicious website- It was tested whether there is any kind of factor which can show this domain a doubtful one.

    • Virus– Now every website is tested on this metre whether there are any harmful things which this website will give to the device which can be disastrous.
    • Connection Status– It is always tested whether the domain connection is valid or not.
    • Scam Factor– This domain was tested whether it is a scam, or trustable domain

    After all these analyses it found that this website can be dangerous for the people. So they should avoid this or should take precautions.


    Lastly, we want to say that this website didn’t scored well in any of the metre. So it will be better to avoid this domain for any kind of service it is providing. Your safety is in your hands so be aware of this domain and be safe.


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