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    Benefits of Studying MBBS Abroad for Aspiring Doctors


    Are you an MBBS aspirant? Is becoming a doctor your dream? But wait, are you interested in pursuing an MBBS in abroad but are hesitant about it? What if we tell you that there are several advantages of pursuing an MBBS abroad? Yes, you read that right! In this blog, we have curated a list of the benefits of studying MBBS overseas. Read on to find out.

    Top 10 Benefits of Studying MBBS in Abroad

    Many students dream of becoming a doctor but give up due to various reasons like cutthroat competition, affordability, and lack of knowledge of pursuing an MBBS from other options. You can also pursue an MBBS abroad. Here is a list of the top 10 benefits of pursuing an MBBS from foreign universities.

    • Affordability

    We understand that the fee for an MBBS course in India is relatively high, due to which many students have to give up on their dream to pursue an MBBS. However, an MBBS degree from a foreign institution is different. In some countries, the total fee is less than half of what the colleges charge in India. In fact, because of the nobility associated with MBBS, some countries also offer this course for free to deserving students.

    • Global Exposure

    If you have pursued an MBBS in abroad, then the horizon and scope of practicing medicine will widen for you. Since you will have a degree from abroad, you will easily be able to practice this profession there. Moreover, the very fact that you are a citizen of India, you will be able to practice medicine in India as well, subject to receiving a license from the Indian Medical Association.

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    • Availability of More Seats

    It is an undeniable fact that there is a cutthroat competition to secure a seat in one of the medical colleges in India. However, studying MBBS in abroad offers a different picture. Here, you can secure a seat after obtaining a decent score in the entrance examinations.

    • Taught in Universal Languages

    If you are admitted to study MBBS in abroad, you will not have to worry about language becoming a barrier to your dream. Almost all the medical colleges in abroad use English as the medium of instruction. This is because there are hundreds of international students who are also pursuing MBBS.

    • Taught by International Faculties

    There is no doubt that medical colleges abroad have top faculties that teach MBBS to students. MBBS colleges abroad hire top faculties not only from the home country but from other countries as well. This increases the exposure of students of various ethnicities and nationalities. It broadens their perspective, which would, in turn, help them in their medical practice.

    • Scholarships

    Many top medical colleges offer scholarships to deserving international students. These scholarships are also provided on the basis of merits and the needs of the students. Therefore, if you are awarded a scholarship, you will only need to manage your living expenses while pursuing an MBBS in abroad. This way, the overall cost of pursuing an MBBS will be less than pursuing an MBBS degree from India.

    • Working Opportunities

    Once you get an MBBS degree abroad, it will also open opportunities to pursue working opportunities in different countries. Moreover, many universities also offer conditional and non-conditional working opportunities for their students.

    • Paid Internships

    An internship of 6 months to 1 year is mandatory for medical students. Some internships are paid internships, too. So, if you plan to pursue MBBS in abroad, you will have the opportunity to pursue a paid internship after your course is over. More often than not, this paid internship turns into an offer of employment as well, depending upon your performance.

    • International Profile

    If you pursue an MBBS degree from abroad, your profile will not be limited to being national but become international. This will widen your horizon for job opportunities in your home country and internationally. It will get you recognition and put you two steps ahead in your career.

    • Mixed Exposure and Learning Platform

    Since there are students of mixed ethnicities, races, and nationalities in every MBBS college abroad. This gives the students mixed exposure and freedom to mingle with all. This enhances the personalities of the students as a great learning platform is being provided to them.

    In a Nutshell

    Every year, thousands of Indian students realize their dream of becoming a doctor by pursuing an MBBS from an international institution. There are thousands of benefits that outweigh the cons of studying abroad. Therefore, without hesitating further, you can consider pursuing your dream.


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