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    IGRS AP: Property Transaction Portal


    In last few years government has worked a lot to increase the digitalization in India. Rarely there is anything left which is not digitalized in India. So when everything is easily available on the digital media then why not the services and the policies of the government. There are a lot of policies that government launch after an interval and they always look that how to make things easier and hassle free for everyone. So the topic is also relatable for today’s article and our topic is igrs ap. The IGRS AP is related to the matter of property. Through this portal it has become easy to complete all the official work of selling and buying properties. So to make all the documentation work in the sector of buying and selling property government has introduced this portal to  the citizens of the state.

    About IGRS AP

    IGRS AP is a portal introduced by the government of Andhra Pradesh. This makes things easier for the citizens to buy or to sell their property. Now selling and buying a property is not a small thing. As it comes with a lot of paperwork and a good amount of money is also included in this process. So keeping these things in mind government made this platform for the citizen. Here on this platform people can easily complete the paper work and all the official documentation for the buying and selling the property.

    There is nothing different from the general offline process. The whole procedure is same on this platform but the thing is that this portal made this platform way more easier than the offline one. The procedure is not changed because it will help the people to access this platform easily with all those same things which they are used to.

    Moreover, there is nothing to worry about the stamp duty or tax. As the government also kept this aspect in the mind and put a system in the platform which can easily calculate the stamp duty in which terms and conditions are also applied. These terms and conditions are the normal thing and they are not new to you as they just includes the location and the prices of the property according to the area and then only they put or apply this duty. Which seems very relevant and transparent step from the government through this platform for the citizens of the state.

    Encumbrance Certificate on  IGRS AP

    Before explaining the relation between this certificate and this platform. Let m explain you about encumbrance certificate. Encumbrance certificate is an official document which comprises of a huge data about the deals of the particular property in the past. If there is any kind of fault will be there then it will easily revealed through this certificate. Whether the property is legal or not and many more thing. This document is required by the persons who are indulged in the property transaction and also who is looking to get some  loan to buy the property. So this is all about this certificate. You can get this certificate from the Sub-Registrar’s office. It is related to this platform because people can easily apply for this certificate from the  IGRS AP platform.

    Procedure to Apply for Encumbrance Certificate on IGRS AP

    There is a website of Registration ans Stamps Department. The person needs to go to that website

    After visiting the website you will see that page you just need to go down on that page. While going down on that page you will see that there is an option available named Encumbrance Certificate.

    When you will click on that option you will be asked to fill some required details. Just fill those details and then the process of applying fro this certificate will be completed

    Required Documents for Encumbrance Certificate

    Your full name

    Email Address

    ID Proof

    Credentials(user ID and Password)

    Residential Address

    Document which gives proof about your address

    Contact Number

    How to Pay on this IGRS AP Platform

    You can easily pay the asked fees online. There is no need to go to any office or any bank to pay the amount. So the main payment  is the stamp duty as it is already mentioned above. So you need to just calculate the stamp duty on the platform itself. After that you will see an option there through which you can issue a challan  for yourself on this platform. To pay that you will see a lot of different online methods will be given there on the platform. It can be net banking, UPI, and many other options. It is as that simple the payment procedure is done.



    Lastly, we want to say that if you are a citizen of Andhra Pradesh then and you are looking for some property transaction then platform is a boon to you. Just visit this portal and make property deal hassle free.








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