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    Prepare for a Successful Summer: Tips for Parents of Children With ADHD


    For parents who have children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, summer can be challenging. Although some kids, and even parents, look forward to long, relaxing days, having days with no schedule often intensify ADHD symptoms. Parents who plan accordingly will probably discover that their children do much better with routine, creative play, and predictability. For kids who need extra help, there are also natural anxiety meds available.

    Consistent Routines

    One of the most important things to remember is to keep consistent routines. In general, children do better with consistency, but it is especially imperative for those with ADHD. Having a structure helps children stay out of mischief. Children can partake in the planning, and it does not have to be a rigid schedule, but you should stick close to it. Some things to be consistent with include:

    • Set bedtime and wake-up time
    • Regular bedtime routine
    • Regular mealtimes
    • Daily academic and reading times

    Before going to bed, review the next day’s schedule with your child. If anything new is coming up, such as summer camp, have a count down so your child is prepared.

    Visual Aids and Reminders

    A calendar is good because it allows your child to see what is coming up. Buy an oversized one and keep it in a central location so everyone can easily see it. You child may like to cross out the days as they pass. Your child can even decorate the calendar when there are special days. If you have a set time for something, such as reading, set an alarm so your child knows when the time is finished.

    Leave Time for Fun

    If your child takes OTC social anxiety medication, you may be wondering how to structure fun and social activities. Even though a scheduled routine is important, it is also necessary to plan for fun things. Sit down with your child and discuss some fun activities he or she may want to do over the summer. These may include visiting new playgrounds, going to the water park or beach, learning to ride a bike, going to story time at the library, or checking out a new ice cream store.

    Make sure you also leave some downtime and unstructured playtime. Children with ADHD are creative, and allowing them time to be imaginative helps.

    Use Natural Alternatives for Medication

    Even when you plan and prepare for a smooth summer, your child may still need medication to manage ADHD symptoms. However, the medications prescribed for this condition have many side effects, and some of them are severe. Just like there are natural ADHD products adults, there are also alternatives for children.

    Homeopathic medication is available over the counter, and because they use natural sources, there are no side effects. They work to target the source of your child’s symptoms rather than covering them up. Summer is also a good time to try new medication, as there are not the normal academic pressures that the school year presents. Natural medication is also good to use in combination with behavioral and other therapies.

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