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    spot_img : covid explosion on flight from italy : covid explosion on flight from italy


    The world is facing the brunt of Covid-19 from 2020 and things do not seem to be on track till now. The recent news came when there was a suspected explosion on a flight from Italy to Amritsar. Let us try to know all about : covid explosion on flight from Italy.

    There were separate flights from Italy to Amritsar. We will try to understand the containment of Covid-19 in Amritsar One by one followed by the strict measures taken by the Union Health Ministry.

    First Flight from Italy to Amritsar

    In the first flight, there were 125 international persons out of the total flyers. Out of all these passengers, only 160 were tested for Covid-19. The rest 19 of them were either infants or children. This was the first chartered flight from Milan to Amritsar which landed at Sri Guru Ramdas International Airport in Amritsar.

    It was the first such flight creating a serious incident after the three waves of the Covid-19 pandemic. This flight was operated by SARC Aviation and the route of this flight was the Verona-Rome-Tbilisi-Amritsar sector. This flight has stopped for refueling in Tbilisi. The patients who tested positive for Covid-19 question the validity of these reports. 

    The health authority had to face severe resistance from the patients when they were asked to be sent to the isolation centers. However, they managed to complete the isolation center task.

    Second Flight from Italy to Amritsar

    After the first flight from Italy to Amritsar had 125 International passengers tested positive for Covid-19, the second flight reportedly had 173 Covid-19-positive passengers. It was a Rome-Amritsar charter flight.

    This flight had a total of 285 passengers out of which 210 were tested for Covid-19. All 173 Covid-19 positive passengers were sent to the institutional quarantine in their specific hometowns.

    Union Health Ministry reaction: Quick steps

    Looking at the seriousness of the issue, the Union Health Ministry got involved in these incidents. According to the ministry, all the passengers coming from the countries marked “at risk” are now subjected to mandatory Covid-19 tests while landing at Indian airports. These “at risk” countries list include several European nations like Italy.

    Further, the local health authorities have offered the necessary help to the Union Health Ministry. These authorities Along with the government initiatives worked hard to improve the pandemic situation through international travel.

    Summing Up

    Thus, two consecutive flights from Italy to Amritsar created problems at the Shri Guru Ramdas International Airport, Amritsar with a significant number of Covid-19 positive patients. The first flight had 125 Covid-19 positive international flyers while the second had 173 passengers.

    The Union Health Ministry came into quick action by declaring the Covid-19 test mandatory for people coming from “at-risk” countries. These “at risk” countries list include different European regions like Italy.

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