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    Top 15 Authentic Gifts to Buy from Varanasi 



    Travelling anywhere sounds great but without gifts for your loved ones? Surely not! That’s why Varanasi invites you to explore so many shopping options in the bustling markets. Right from the traditional accessories, sarees and to the authentic preparation of sweets, you can find everything here!

    Varanasi is best known for its culture and heritage so each nook and corner defines it with artistry in making. May it be a bracelet  or a huge vibrant carpet, you are sure to fall in love with the happy locals selling these things. To make your stay comfortable, book Treebo Varanasi hotels and save your pockets to spend more while shopping.

    Best Things to Buy in Varanasi are – 

    1. Banarasi Silk Saree

    If you are in Varanasi, you cannot go home without buying the authentic Banarasi saree. The city is the main hub for silk sarees found in vibrant colours and intricate designs. You can choose from a variety of silk sarees such as Katan, Organza, Georgette or Shattir. Make sure to book Treebo Varanasi hotels near the Chowk market for a comfortable shopping time. Moreover, the shopkeepers are all welcoming to show you a plethora of their artwork.

    1. Glass Beads

    Ever imagined you could find the hub for glass beads? You probably have. Varanasi is home to more than 2000 artisans involved in the production and making of glass beads.  These beads are found in different forms including exclusive accessories, clothing and handbags. If you are a jewellery enthusiast, you can find various vibrant coloured beads for your artwork here.

    1. Gulabi Meenakari

    If you have to buy something significant for your loved ones, take home the relevance and prestige of Meenakari. Meenakari is an art technique wherein metal surfaces are enameled by combining mineral substances. The artwork receives love from all over the world and can also be found in some of the luxurious pieces of jewellery. Also, you can buy a unique set of accessories for your loved ones.

    1. Wooden Toys

    Cultural diversity of Varanasi can be best seen in the artistry of wooden toys. Bustling markets of Varanasi help you choose from a variety of wooden toys known for their carvings and intricacy. Right from wooden dolls, animals to special and huge home decor, a lot can be found here. Moreover, they are further painted in eye-catching colours to attract your attention.

    1. Crystal or Stone Shivalinga

    Varanasi is a city of divinity and culture which can be observed in many places of worship here. If you are willing to buy a religious souvenir, you can find many Shiva Lingas representing lord Shiv. These Shiva lingas are available in crystals as well as different stones making it a work of art. Make sure to visit the famous temples and buy from the local artisans.

    1. Rudraksh Necklace

    The divine city of Varanasi invites you to experience spirituality in each corner. If you are looking for a unique yet a prestigious souvenir for your loved one, Rudraksh Necklace has to be your first choice! It is a special mala (necklace) made with real rudraksha making it an auspicious thing to buy in Varanasi. You can find many shops outside temples for this one.

    1. Sweets 

    The culinary art of Varanasi simply cannot be ignored. Right from delicious milk preparation to authentic ghee made sweets, everything can be found in the city. Ram Bhandar is a famous sweet shop that has been around for over a century. Make sure to find Treebo Varanasi hotels around the market area for a hassle-free shopping experience. 

    1. Carpets

    Since the city is known for its silk production and intricacy, the same can be witnessed in huge carpets. Moreover, you can find legacy shops running the business for more than 50 years. It is indeed one of the best souvenirs for your loved ones depicting the lifestyle, art and skills of people here. Some of the famous places for carpet shopping include Jairam Das & Sons, Carpet Emporium and Carpet Weavers.

    1. Flute

    Holy places like Varanasi are top-rated destinations when it comes to usage of musical instruments. One such is the flute which is widely available in Varanasi. Babu Band is a popular music store in Varanasi  for different types of flutes. The markets here offer bamboo, wood and metal flutes of premium quality. Make sure to check various shops and negotiate for the price beforehand.

    1. Holy Water of Ganga

    What if you could take a divine part of the city? You can now do that! The holy water of Ganga is believed to have purifying properties and it is often used in traditional rituals and other ceremonies. You can easily buy this holy water for your loved ones from one of the ghats here. Dashashwamedh Ghat, Harishchandra Ghat and Kashi Vishwanath Temple are some of the famous places to buy it.

    1. Stone Carved Curios

    Art is in every corner and this can be best witnessed with the stone carved curios and sculptures. Stone carved curios make for great souvenirs and home decor items for near and dear ones. You can find a number of religious idols, lamps and tableware decorated with charming colours. Bharat Handicrafts and Shri Krishna Stone Arts are the best places to check the carved stone collection. 

    1. Books

    The secrets of the world are stored in books that are rare to find. Varanasi is one such destination for book lovers as you can find a plethora of religious and holy books here. Many bookstores in Varanasi sell a wide range of books on spirituality, religion and philosophy. Pilgrims Book House and Chowk Book House are a must visit for a huge variety of books.

    1. Accessories 

    Each city defines its own beauty with the intricate patterns of the accessories you find there. Varanasi is a prime destination for shopping for traditional accessories for your loved ones. Right from exclusive rings to necklaces made with glass beads, everything is available under one roof here. Check Godowlia Market and Dashashwamedh Ghat Market for trendy yet elegant accessories.

    1. Wall Hanging

    You might have seen many wall hangings but the scene is different from Varanasi. Usage of silk and cotton is highly depicted with a fusion of intricacy in the wall hangings. Some of the unique pieces are also made with papier mache and wood giving it a prestigious touch. Make sure to book Treebo Varanasi hotels near Godowlia Market for the best shopping experience.

    1. Perfumes

    Perfumes are under-rated souvenirs however, their authenticity is increasing day by day. It is now a tough job to extract fragrances from nature and that’s where Varanasi tops the game. You can find many essential oils and attars made from rose, jasmine and khus water. The exclusive sandalwood oil and perfume is also available in the markets. Ensure to check out Sarnath Fragrances, Gulab Chand and Bala Ji Fragrances for an aromatic journey. 

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    In a nutshell, Varanasi is purely a destination of beauty, spirituality and a palatable food scene. Whether it is buying something minimal or opting for an extravaganza carpet, you are sure to find happy locals and shopkeepers greeting you with all the warmth. So, why wait when you can book tickets now?!


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