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    Understanding Window Tinting Costs: What to Expect


    Vehicle window tinting offers several benefits, including protection from harmful UV rays, reduced interior heat, enhanced privacy, and improved safety. A perfect window tinting work also enhances the vehicle’s overall aesthetic while circulating the vehicle owner’s taste.

    Many drivers go for window tint works to avail of the mentioned benefits and try understanding window tinting costs. The approximate cost of window tinting ranges from $100 to $850. The cost variation counts factors like vehicle model, window numbers, etc.

    We detail every aspect of vehicle window tint work costs in terms of what to expect. Let’s start.

    Influencing Factors for Vehicle Window Tinting Costs

    The following factors critically affect the tinting costs.

    Vehicle Model and Type

    Depending on the vehicle model and type, the window count varies. Here, more windows mean higher tinting costs. Also, the tinting works for older vehicles are higher due to the complexity of the work. The price of complex tint work is higher than the simple tint work.

    Tint Film Type

    There are multiple types of vehicle window tint films available in the market. Some must-mentions are dyed, ceramic, metalized, hybrid, and carbon. Among these, dyed tints are the most affordable. Below is a list of prices considering tint material types.

    Dyed Tint

    Dyed tint material is the simplest tinting solution. It does not require highly skilled labor. Also, its lifespan is significantly low. Over time, the tint color becomes purple or brown, requiring the removal of old tint and redoing the tint work. Per vehicle window tint cost using dyed tint material ranges from $100 to $300.

    Ceramic Tint

    Ceramic tint material falls in the top-tire tint category. It increases the overall look of the vehicle enormously. This tint material costs $350-$850 for one vehicle.

    Metalized Tint

    This tint material type triggers a reflective or glossy look of the vehicle windows. Its use is subject to the location’s weather, as this tinting material makes the surface very hot. For one vehicle, the expense ranges from $180 to $420.

    Hybrid Tint

    Hybrid tint work includes multiple layers of dyed tining and one thin layer of metal particles. It is a mid-range tinting solution for vehicle windows. The cost falls between $160-$280 per vehicle.

    Carbon Tint

    Carbon tint work is similar to ceramic tinting. But, it has low or zero heat reflective characteristics. The expense ranges between $200-$450.

    Along with the tint type, the tint material’s brand reputation also affects the tint material costs. The price of tint material produced by a highly reputed manufacturer is far higher than the materials from less-known brands.

    Tint Work Provider

    There are many companies and individuals that offer tint work for vehicle windows. Each entity has its own expertise and offerings. Also, the respective experience level varies greatly. The charging amount for vehicle window tinting work differs significantly based on these factors.

    Uniqueness of the Vehicle

    The term “vehicle window tint” includes tinting of other openings like a sunroof, rare windshield, etc. Here, the tinting work cost for a vehicle with a sunroof is higher than the no-sunroof vehicle’s tint work. Also, the number of quarter panels affects the tinting price.

    Owner’s Preference

    Different owners certainly have different preferences and choices for getting tinting works done. Depending on these differences, the associated tint works’ expense varies a lot.

    In-depth Discussion on Different Vehicle Types Window Tinting Costs

    Below is a comprehensive discussion on tinting costs based on various vehicle types.

    Coupe Window Tinting Cost

    Coupes accommodate sportier designs. Each one has two-door windows and two rear windows without doors. These windows typically host a curved shape, increasing the tinting work’s complexity.

    Below is a calculation of a coupe’s tinting work cost. The cost calculation considers average expenses.

    Front 2 windows + rare 2 windows + front and rear windshield + quarter panels = $140 + $140 + $300 +$50 = $630

    Sedan Window Tinting Cost

    Sedans are the most popular vehicle. It hosts 4 door windows and two windshields. Depending on model and brand, some Sedans host sunroofs, and some do not. The sunroof’s inclusion significantly increases the overall tinting costs.

    The following is the calculation of Sedan’s tinting work costs.

    Front 2 windows + rare 2 windows + front and rare windshield + quarter panels + sunroof = $150 + $150 + $300 + $80 + $90 = $770

    Truck Window Tinting Cost

    Generally, three types of trucks are available: typical cab, extended cab, and crew cab. Based on the cabin type, the window count varies a lot. For instance, a crew cab has four windows, a standard cab has two windows, and an extended cab has 2 door windows with two rare windows (no door).

    Also, some trucks have sunroofs, and some do not. The following table contains the tinting cost breakdown for each type of truck.

    Truck Type

    Tinting Component


    Crew Cab Truck

    Front and rear windshield


    Four windows




    Extended Cab Truck

    Front and rear windshield


    Four windows




    Standard Cab Truck

    Front and rear windshield $300
    Four windows $150
    Sunstrip $50

    SUVs Window Tinting Cost

    SUVs are family-friendly vehicles. Each SUV has six windows, four with doors and two without doors. Its rear windshield is smaller than that of other personal or family-use vehicles. Also, almost every SUV has a sunroof.

    The following is a cost calculation for tinting SUVs. It is to be noted that each component’s tinting cost calculation considers the average scenario. Depending on tint material type, labor expertise, and personal preference, the cost can go up to $750-$1,000.

    Front windshield + rear windshield + 6 windows + sunroof = $170 + $140 + $340 + $190 = $840.

    Tesla Window Tinting Cost

    Tesla is the latest addition to the modern transport solution. This vehicle type incorporates a greater level of sophistication and demands the use of high-end tint material. In consideration of Tesla’s advanced aesthetics, its window tint work requires highly skilled labors and modern machines.

    These requirements increase Tesla’s tinting work cost. Its window tint-related expenses are higher than the window tinting cost of Sedans, SUVs, and Coupes.

    There are four models of Tesla available in the market: model X, model Y, model S, and model 3. Tesla’s average window tinting costs range from $700 to $1,200.

    Tips to Reduce Vehicle Window Tinting Costs

    • Applying the DIY approach enables reduced tint work costs.
    • It is better to go to a tint work provider that offers a warranty.
    • The use of high-quality tinting material is significantly important.

    Final Words

    We expect our elaboration to be helpful in understanding window tinting costs. It provides comprehensive guidance regarding the cost calculation.

    If you are looking for a ting work provider that offers affordable pricing plans without compromising quality, contact us today to get the quote.

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