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    What Are the Types of Opal, and from Where Can You Buy Them?


    Opal is highly valued in international markets and is used in various jewelry designs. According to Vedic Astrology, it is also believed to have astrological benefits for resolving health issues. 

    Unique among gemstones, opals display rainbow-like hues, making them visually captivating and symbolic. 

    Nowadays, couples are also selecting opal engagement rings. However, choosing a high-quality opal can be challenging due to the wide variety available. Delve deeper into this article to get an idea about the different types of opals. 

    • Black Opal 

    Black opals, known for their dark base color and minimal shimmer, have become highly desirable. Their deep black background creates a vivid canvas for brilliant colors like yellow, orange, and red to stand out. Unlike white opals, black opals are rare. 

    Despite the name, they are not completely black but have a deep, dark tone. The intensity and richness of the stone’s color play significantly impact its value and popularity.

    The Lighting Ridge region in Australia is highly popular for black opals. But other locations like Hungary, Honduras, and the USA are also sources of this fine gemstone. 

    • Fire Opal

    Fire opals are usually clear to somewhat opaque. Their unique characteristic is that these opals form inside volcanoes. 

    The name originates from their warm hues. You will find them in bright shades, ranging from yellow and orange to red. 

    Mexico’s Querétaro state is famous for this particular variant. Therefore, it is often dubbed Mexican fire opals. However, these gems can also be found in Ethiopia and Australia. 

    Most fire opals from Mexico lack an iridescent shine. However, some fire opals from Ethiopia may have bright green or neon violet flashes.

    In Mexico, some fire opals are carefully cut while still in their rhyolitic host rock. This is possible because the material is hard enough to cut and polish. These gems are called Cantera opals.

    • Ethiopian Opal

    The Ethiopian or Welo Opal is recognized for its stunning display of colors. This exquisite gemstone is highly sought after in the market for its exquisite beauty and affordable prices.  Most of these opals are currently mined in a single area of stratified volcanic rocks. 

    Welo opals have become extremely popular in recent years due to their unique color patterns that seem to flow through stones ranging from clear to white, yellow, orange, or brown. The Ethiopian Opal is associated with the planet of love and beauty, Venus. It is considered the birthstone for those born in October.

    Use of Opals in Jewelry

    Opals are unique gemstones found in different types of jewelry. From earrings to pendants, opals can be set in everything. Moreover, opal engagement rings have become extremely popular among couples looking for alternatives to traditional diamonds. 

    Where Can You Buy Opals Online?

    You will come across opal jewelry pieces at multiple online stores. While they are available in captivating varieties online, you must find a trusted jeweler to purchase opals. Rosec Jewels is your ultimate destination for getting authentic opals with their exquisite charm and elegance. 

    Wondering why Rosec Jewels is the best place to purchase opal jewelry? Check out the reasons below:

    • Fascinating Collection: You will come across unique designs of opal jewelry in their collection. From protective settings to stylish metals, they experiment it all to create eye-grabbing pieces for their customers. Moreover, you will come across varieties like fire and Ethiopian opal, each with their unique charm.
    • Authenticity Certificate: Buy opals with an authenticity certificate from Rosec Jewels. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about the legitimacy of the gemstones. 
    • Fast Shipping: Ordering from Rosec Jewels means you won’t have to wait too long to receive the stunning opal jewelry pieces at your doorstep. Moreover, they have minimal shipping charges to protect you from financial strain.  

    Ending Note

    If you want an engagement ring with a unique and alluring gemstone, opals should be your go-to choice. The captivating nature of these gems will help you steal the limelight everywhere you go. Now that you know Rosec Jewels is a trustworthy choice, you can purchase the best opal jewelry online from the comfort of your home. So, check out the impressive collection and place your order today!

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