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    Why Calimingo Experts Recommend Installing Custom Swimming Pools


    A swimming pool is essential to your home, especially over the summer months. It is an excellent place for you and your family to relax or hold events and an excellent way to get fit. It also adds an aesthetic appeal and value to your property. 

    When planning the installation, one of the main decisions you must make is installing a traditional or custom-style pool. Despite the increased complexity of the design and installation process, Calimingo experts point out why more people are gravitating towards custom swimming pools

    You Can Choose The Shape

    This is the primary reason you should invest in a custom pool. With so many trends emerging and changing over time, there are numerous swimming pool shapes to choose from. The pool shape is the first thing people notice. It affects the pool’s functionality, features, and other characteristics. 

    Going with a traditional swimming pool might mean being stuck with a shape you don’t like or one that makes your backyard look disorganized. With a custom pool, you can choose a shape that fits your yard’s size, orientation, and landscaping. That way, instead of competing with other landscape features, they complement each other. 

    You Match Your Lifestyle

    One of the reasons you should be at the forefront of designing your pool is to ensure it meets all your needs. Whether you want a small pool just for daily laps, a big one for diving, or one for relaxing and having fun with family, you can make it happen. 

    If you have children, you can alter its depth or have an adjoining children’s pool. You also get to choose the color, style, and shape of the tiles to help match your existing home color mix. 

    Some fun colors include aquamarine, sapphire blue, gray, and graphite. You can also choose textures like pebbles, waves, glass beads, or slabs. 

    Adding Custom Features

    Including additional features in your pool increases its aesthetic appeal and makes swimming more fun. Custom swimming pools allow you to choose the type, size, and number of features you want. Below are some you can choose from. 

    • Fountains
    • Water and fire bowls
    • Deck jets
    • Laminars
    • Cascades
    • Spouting statues
    • Rain curtains
    • Spouts and scuppers
    • Spa spillways
    • Tanning ledges
    • Grottos
    • Rimflow spas
    • Integrated rock slides

    The features you add depend on the size and shape of your pool, budget, expected effect, and the people using it. 

    Endless Decking Options

    In addition to customizing the pool’s interior, you have complete control over the decking. With traditional swimming pools, people might choose the most affordable options, which may not match the pool or the landscape. 

    However, a custom pool lets you decide the deck’s materials, shape, size, and appearance. You can also add other entertainment features like hangout areas, bars, tanning ledges, and massage areas. 

    You Are In Control Of The Entire Process

    When working on a custom pool, you are usually on top of everything that goes into its construction. This includes the design, materials, colors, etc. That gives you peace of mind and helps you plan your schedule accordingly. 

    Before contracting a swimming pool construction company, you must ensure they offer custom pool installation services. Working with a company with that specialty is even better because they have increased flexibility and more design and size options. 

    Calimingo is one of California’s highly-rated, trusted, and recognized companies working on custom swimming pools. Before the process, they give you a design survey to ensure they understand your design aesthetics and preferences. 

    They also ask to come and see plus take measurements and photos of your space to understand its layout. This information helps them create a pool design that matches your personality and blends with your landscape. 

    They can also show you designs they have used in previous custom swimming pools for inspiration. Contact them today and book a consultation or request other services like repairs, cleaning, and maintenance. 

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